Support for UPS monitoring (apcupsd)

My TV and CE unit are connected to an UPS - mainly to prevent issues with the occasional blackouts and brownouts experienced during the summer. It would be great to be able to connect an APC UPS to the unit via USB and check battery usage to take appropriate action (e.g: shutdown before battery hits X%). Smart UPS monitor daemons like apcupsd lets you do this so it might be nice to be able to install it, and manually configure the daemon.

Their is software existing? If not you will need one to write I guess…

I think this package exists under Entware.

The software has been around since the 90’s I believe [apcupsd - Debian Wiki /]. Initially it was to manage APC based uninterruptible power supplies, but have expanded to other brands as well like CyberPower. Its a daemon that runs in the background to manage UPS (connected via USB/serial or IP network).

There is more powerful tool - NUT (
It’s open source and supports many UPS brands. It should be available in any linux package repository

The issue for me is how would I go about installing it in corelec without compiling it? Is there a package manager in coreelec that I can use to install debs or rpms?

Just as I made my previous reply, took me a while to see that you actually provided the solution. I didnt realize coreelec provides entware, but that you have to use installentware command first to make opkg available. Thanks @vpeter - a real problem solver :-).

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