Support of Hauppauge Win TV Nova TD (dual DVB-T2 receiver)

As the subject says: Please add support for Hauppauge Win TV Nova TD DVB-T2 USB stick. It worked until 9.2.1, one of the two receivers works with “drivers from latest kernel”.

USB ID is: 2040:0265
If tests are desired I try my best to support you.

The drivers are developed and pulled from LE so issues with the modules are tricky to solve. If the specific error can be identified a patch can be developed.


There is no point opening several Threads. We discussed this now in 2 other threads and also in PM. I have looked into it the whole week and I told you that without hardware it’s like fishing in an ocean for a specific fish.

You are right.
Last time I decided to discuss a related issue in an existing thread I was blamed for using that thread. Therefore I opened another one.
Where can I get some knowledge about the rules of this forum?
Who can summarize these threads into one?
@all: Please continue in this thread: 9.2.2 DVB tbs driver / Hauppauge USB wintv dual HD / Tvheadend conflict

Sorry for the mess.