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In China, there is a machine called N1, which is cheap and good. Many people use it to install your CoreELEC system, but your system is not compatible with this device, so everyone downloads the CoreELEC system modified by the gods to brush, and After updating, you need to turn off the automatic update, because the automatic update will overwrite the modified files, and become incompatible again, so you can’t open the machine.
I’m not a professional. I don’t know what specific changes have been made. I can’t send a request to you to merge.
Here I provide the files and information of the modified files, and I hope you can modify and compatible the device. Thank you.
The files modified by the gods (the files replaced after burning to a USB flash drive):
code: 2r2q
N1 device information:
The chip models are as follows:

Memory chip RAM: K4B4G1646E, 4Gb DDR3-1866MHz, memory capacity 512MB; there are 4 in total, 2GB in total.

Flash chip ROM: KLM8G1GEME, 8GB eMMC.

CPU model: Amlogic S905, ARM Cortex-A53, quad-core 2GHz, GPU is ARM Mali ™ -450, support 4K @ 60fps hardware decoding, HDMI 2.0.

Network card chip: RTL8211F, Gigabit speed.

WIFI chip: The shield is soldered, so it is unclear. Haha, I only know that it is a dual-band 1x1mimo with support for 5G ac, a 2.4G connection rate of 65Mbps, and a 5G connection rate of 390Mbps. Why not 72m and 433m, because No SGI.

Therefore, Feixun N1 can be connected to the router with a network cable, or directly connected to the router with WIFI without a network cable, which is convenient for placement. (To set up WIFI connection, you need to connect the TV or monitor with HDMI and plug in the mouse)

@calmesoul I think this may be the same Hardware as mentioned below link

We tried to message the person who created the builds for the N1 in the past but had no response.

We need to know the exact changes that was made for the N1, it is not enough to just simply have the changes files in compiled format.

Also when providing files please do not use Baidu as it requires people to login to download.

N1’s company, phicomm, has closed or is close, so it is so cheap, so there should be no maintenance.
I wonder if there is any other way?

This is the file modified by the great gods. I shared it with Google Cloud Disk.:

Like I said these are not source files, they are compiled, they are useless to us I’m afraid, we need the original modifications made by “great gods”, I would suggest messaging him on the Chinese forums and asking him to work with us.

Which great god can’t be contacted for the time being, I found the img provided by him, I wonder if it’s useful?

This is the open source address for compiling phicom N1

I don’t know if it works for you

This is the source.

This is CoreELEC for Phicomm N1 device only. Run ./mkn1 to build.

Phicomm N1

RAM:K4B4G1646E ,4Gb DDR3-1866MHz,512MBx4.


CPU:Amlogic S905,ARM Cortex-A53,4 Core 2GHz,

GPU:ARM Mali™-450,4K@60fps

HDMI 2.0.


It is actually a S905D chip. It’s cheap, how cheap? how much does it cost, because I would argue, that some of the S905X3 devices are about £35. I don’t think you can get devices much cheaper.

In China, £ 10 can be bought.

So who is from China to buy few of them and send to Europe (payed by paypal) ? :stuck_out_tongue:


The purchase way of N1 and the system adapted to N1.

@vpeter @kostaman @bubblegum57
After a while, I found out N1 to play again, and found that there is still no officially supported system version. But there are still many related posts discussed.
Since N1 can use coreElec, more and more people use N1 to use coreElec to watch 4K movies.
The price of N1 in the market is about 100 RMB, and this price can be decoded to watch 4k movies.
And there are many N1s on the market, and there are also T1 models of the same brand.
Even N1’s company has been closed for three or four years. But N1 is still so hot enough to prove its value.
I hope there is an official version to support it, thank you.

This is an old chipset, & not generally available outside China, I don’t see any developer wanting to make this CE compatible.

I am not a developer.

There isn’t an official version, and very likely will never be.
There are some unofficial builds made by Chinese devs. They are welcome to upstream their changes to CE for our review if they want.

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