Supported Tuner list for Coreelec


I have installed the CE in my S905X3 box and I have tried 3 of USB tuner are still fail to detected by TVH - RTL2836B / RTL2832U / IT9135

Is any supported TV tuner list can be found in internet?
Or any supported chipset are tested?



Are you trying each of the CoreELEC Module Drivers to see if they are detected?

I use the Microsoft Official Xbox One tuners,so you can add that to the list.

If you carry out a search for the word tuner in the forum then you will find other threads to peruse and discover more information before others who I am sure will come along and confirm a few more do.

Thanks Compent,

Here is the list of driver that I tried:

S905 Libreelec driver.dvb.runqida-dvb-8.2.115

Seen those driver are not work…

In the program addons you will see one called CoreELEC Module Drivers and when you run it you will be presented with the option to choose the DVB driver module.

Then, when you select that, there will be 3 further options.

Choose the first one ‘Corelec default drivers’ and then reboot for it to be enabled and see if the tuner is seen.

If not, go through the same process again with each of the remaining two options.

At least if things don’t work after that then you will have tried the basic necessary steps to start with.

Are you using TVHeadend to verify the recognition?

I have installed TVH 4.3 and the services all running; I have enable the driver AddOn too, but can’t see any ‘TV Adapter’ in TVH web GUI.

I will keep try later.

Thanks again.

Actually I am using the box named - X96 Max Plus which built-in s905x3.

Although it probably won’t make any difference to detection, I would recommend using TVH 4.2 as 4.3 does seem to have some issues right now.

Let me try to downgrade TVH 4.2 instead of 4.3 and try again.

4.2 and 4.3 are separate add-ons. You will need to uninstall 4.3 and install 4.2.

I wouldn’t universally recommend the Xbox One USB Tuners. They have issues with some DVB-T2 broadcasts, particularly in the UK.

@noggin, are you referring to occasional glitches when viewing H264 HD channels where the glitches are also present in recordings? If so, you might wish to revert to 9.2.1. There’s a bug with amlogic H264 decoding that I’ve privately reported and I know to be on the CoreELEC teams to do list. I’ve told you all I know apart from saying that I get them using either Xbox tuners or my Vbox TV gateway if I use anything up from 9.2.1. EDIT I forgot to mention that the clutching only happens on the NG builds which use a newer kernel.

I have used the Xbox Tv tuner & a PCTV Systems DVB-T2 23076 nanoStick HD TV Tuner

The PCTV is old, but works better for T2.

These both work on X96 Max+ with the latest CE, with server versions. 4.2 or 4.3. Note you don’t need to uninstall either, just disable one, before enabling the other.

I used 2 usb tuners in CoreELEC, the Xbox TV tuner and the Geniatech/Mygica T230. Of this 2, the mygica is the best one, in dvb-c at least. With Xbox tuner there was one of the muxes that I couldn’t ever tune and it worked well with the mygica. In the beggining of the year I changed to a quadtuner hdhomerun expand using the sat>ip norm with tvheadend. This way I am less exposed to changes in drivers.

In terms of being supported though, they would be on the list of supported tuners for the OP and others to consider and at the price you can often get them at, can be seen as quite the steal.

No - I’m referring to the Xbox tuner not being able to reliably tune some T2 muxes in the first place - not a player issue.

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