Swapping from N2 to N2+

Good afternoon,

I’ve been poking around the forums but I didn’t see this exact question.

I’ve had an N2 for a while now, and i recently picked up a couple of N2+'s for some projects. The older N2 is running a CoreElec install in my living room. I was curious if I can just swap in the SD card from the older N2 into the + without rebuilding?

I didn’t see separate listings in the device tree aside from 2G and 4G, so I’m guessing so long as both models are 4G I should be able to swap the SD card in and CoreElec will boot right up?




Thank you Betatester,

I figured as much, but I figured I’d ask the experts first. I’ll report back just for confirmation in a few days. Getting the upstairs carpet done and I’ve had to tear down the media setup for now.


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