Switching to CE turns off ARC

My CE is on N2, and connected to a Pioneer VSX 1131, which in turn is connected to a TCL TV (based on google tv).
When I switch my inputs (TV to HDMI, receiver to CE), and then back to the TV, ARC stops working and the TV audio isn’t sent to the receiver. The solutions are either to turn the TV and receiver on & off again, or to turn ARC on the TV off and then on again.
This doesn’t happen with a different input to the receiver (Apple TV).
Tried it with CEC on, CEC off, and even with a CEC block adapter between the receiver and the N2. Nothing works.

Any ideas?

I have a similar issue, Phillips TV with a Yamaha soundbar. The issue isn’t so much to do with CoreElec and more to do with different versions of ARC. I have found the simplest way is to go into the TV settings, switch the output to TV Speakers then back to ARC.

Thanks. I tried this as well, but it doesn’t work - just the two options I mentioned in my original post.
However, I’m looking for a fix, not a cumbersome workaround. I might be ok with going into the TV settings every time I switch back from Kodi, but the rest of the household isn’t.

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