Sxhlseller Air Mouse and Hisense 43A7GQ

i have a Sxhlseller Air Mouse Fernbedienung, 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Fly Mouse, MX3 Game Handle mit Motion Sensing, für Android TV Box PC Laptop Projektor Smart TV [Anzeige] which a can’t peer with my Hisense 43A7GQ [Anzeige].

Now my idea was i peer it with the remote of the Tanix and use CEC of CE to start and shutdown the Box and the TV.
The Shutdown of the Box and TV runs without problems, but start up don’t run. The TV dosn’t start when i press the Startbutton on the Sxhlseller Air Mouse.

Anybody a idea what i can make to start the Box and the TV?

Thank you

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