Symbol on start of video for showing what type of vodeo is playing

My Zidoo player has a feature that it shows a little dolby vision or hdr symbol in the corner of the screen for a few seconds so that you can see what type of content is played.

It would be nice if CE had such an option where you can activate and deactivate such a symbol at the start of a video.

Yes, its possible in CoreElec now, just use the estuary mod v2 skin, and choose in
skin settings> extras, Show Video Resolution on Video start.
This will be display dv, hdr, or hlg logo in kodi video osd directly.

Wow, I never noticed this option before, happen to use this excellent skin mod. Thanks !

Yes, because that new feature.

wow, nice! Thanks for that tip!

I keep track of changes on a regular basis, but missed this one. Thanks again for pointing it out

Yes, that setting just visible in CE, and working just under CoreElec.


since few days I started seeing a overlay icon showing the coreelec logo and a HDR10 icon in the top left corner while playing a hdr movie.

It looks like on the attached screen.

Can you tell me how to disable that?

In the estuary mod v2 skin, choose in
skin settings> extras> Show Video Resolution on Video start > set disabled.
Anyway that disabled in default, so you enabled sometime…

Just checked, by default it’s set to not defined which, in effect, should indeed be the same as disabled.