Synchronize all viewing data, etc. with all my devices


Currently I have an Amlogic device with CoreElec which I use to share all my files with all the devices in my home. The hard drives are connected in SATA 3. I specify that this device is only used to share my files and make settings and that I do not currently read any content from it

I play my shared videos, images and music from Kodi or CoreElec (on other devices)

I want the database of my playlists etc. is synchronized between all devices.

I am considering using Jellyfin for this as it seems like the best choice to me.

Is it interesting and reliable to install the Jellyfin server addon in CoreElec? Or should I prefer to install Armbian or Manjaro Linux on the shared device? To have more possibility … And in this case, CoreElec will only serve me on my reading devices

There are several ways to achieve this. Personally, I*ve gone the shared database route. Have a look at and see if this could fit your needs

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Thank you for your answer.

Yes I knew this solution, but it is complicated to set up, maintain and manage for several devices and in the long term.

That’s why I was wondering if it wouldn’t be much simpler by installing a Jellyfin server that would manage everything automatically.

No, it’s not at all complicated. After setting the first device you just copy some files from tahtvthe device for all the others you’re using and reboot. I have many devices like this.

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I’m using emby server with docker for this. Works perfect for years…

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All right. And there is never any maintenance to do? Once configured, does it work flawlessly? Even when there are CoreElec/Kodi version changes, changes in our video/audio files?

All right.
Emby is on the same base as Jellyfin, so it should be quite similar in terms of how the system works.

Once Emby installed, there has been nothing more to modify for several years?

Not much or anything. When there’s a change of version the db changes and if you have different Kodi versions in different devices that can be a problem.

I’m running emby-beta serwer. This allows me to use emby client on Android without paying subscription. Kodi doesn’t need subscription :wink: beta doesn’t allow iphone, ipads to use client without subs. Don’t know why…

With kodi I’m also using beta client. It does asks me from time to time to complete rest database required. But it resync in seconds after…

I used to pay for sub way back when woman was using emby actively on iphone. Once she stopped I cancelled paypal link and moved to beta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Emby does have trakt addon as well. Can be configured for every user separately.

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