Synchronize files from CoreELEC box to Google Drive

I wonder if it is possible to sync files (camera motion detection snapshots) that I’m uploading (ftp) to my Odroid-N2 with my Google Drive?
Currently I’m using Syncthing and sync those files from Odroid-N2 to my laptop and from laptop using GoogleDriveSync ( those files are finally synced to Google Drive.
I would like to bypass my laptop and do the sync directly from Odroid-N2 to Google Drive.
Is it possible?
Can rsync tool be used for this?

[Edit] … going to check that tomorrow…

Just use the Google drive add on in Kodi.

Doesn’t looks like it is able to sync files from CoreELEC box to Google Drive. It seems it allow you to add content that you have on Google Drive to Kodi’s library

Full success
Following instructions provided here:
I was able to configure sync from Odroid-C2 folder to my Google Drive.

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