System freezes when PVR Guide caching in local database is Enabled

Crash log is at
W95 (S905W) box running -ng generic released version.
Tvheadend client on box accessing remote Tvheadend server on ethernet LAN.

Tvheadend works good if I don’t enable caching of guide data in local database. If I enable local guide caching the system will freeze when I attempt to enter the top level TV menu. I also noticed that the system will freeze if I try to change the future days to display if more than a couple of days at a time.

I did a fresh install and still have the problem.

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Edit for clarification:
It will take 2 reboots to repeat the problem. Open the guide after the first reboot to load the guide data from the server. Then reboot again and enter the guide to load the data from the cache. Then attempt to go into the top level TV menu.
Also, I have the guide mapped to a button on the remote. Using this button will bring up the guide without crashing the system. However programs won’t play when selected. I can post another log with this happening if it would help.

I have come across the second issue, to change the future days to display if more than a couple of days at a time and found that you have to adjust very slowly in order for it not to freeze.

Do you have the first issue? As I remember it takes a reboot after the change is made to load the database into the cache and then a second reboot to load from the database before it will lock up.

I don’t enable caching of guide data in local database and have not thought of a reason to do so, so no lockups of this kind for me.

If you leave the box running 24/7 there is probably no need to cache the database.
I was trying to get the Suspend function working. It seemed to have problems if it was it was awakened a while after it had received the guide data from the server. So I tried enabling loading the guide data from database to see if would help.
I think for Android Kodi loading the guide data from the database is the default setting but it isn’t in CoreELEC.

I don’t have my box on all of the time.

The time it takes to load the complete guide data, at least for me is less than a couple of seconds and is one reason why I see no reason to cache it.

What method are you using to use the suspend feature?

I was letting it suspend after 5 minutes of inactivity.
I made a sleep.conf file with the only command being HibernateMode=false. It would suspend OK with the non -ng version but would immediatly re-awaken with the -ng version so I used inject_bl301 to get it to work again.
I haven’t reinstalled inject_bl301 yet since I was trying to keep the box as simple as possible for troubleshooting the guide data problem.

Do you suspend your box or turn it off when you’re not using it?

I switch it off when not in use and only have a sleep function for when it is not used for about 15 minutes.

Should I cross post the problem in the Discussion thread?
I want to give it some visibility but I don’t want to violate forum etiquette.

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