System sometimes halts when starting kodi

When I finished watching the movies, I always used ‘systemctl stop kodi’ to turn off kodi and use ‘systemctl start kodi’ the next time I watch movies.
Most of the time it works fine, sometimes the system halts when I execute ‘systemctl start kodi’. Where can I find the syslog to determine what went wrong.


I have already checked this path but I have not found the system log.
Only kodi’s logs, their time is after the crash, without any useful information about the system crashes.

You should see a kodi.txt.old or crash log.


journalctl | grep error | less

The linux logs are in /var/log

I checked this too, nothing found.I guess these logs will be lost after reboot.
I’ll check it again after next crash.

Thank you.
I can’t find kodi.txt.old and crash.log.
Only kodi.old.log without crash information. I guess these logs will be lost after reboot.

kodi.old.log is the kodi.log before the last reboot so it is overwritten on each reboot like kodi.log.

First of all what version do you use? Is it 9.0.2?
If yes, than try latest nightly build. It possible this issue already fixed in nightlies.

Yes, but not system reboot. It is overwritten after each kodi restart.
So I’ll check it after next crash.

Yes, 9.0.2.
I’ll have a try.

journalctl only displays logs of this boot.
Maybe old logs are dropped.

Are you using the correct device tree for your device?

I’m not sure, my device is Phicomm N1, I download device tree from a forum.

Builds for the Phicomm N1 are a 3rd party build and we don’t know what changes that the creator made because they haven’t shared the source, as such we can’t really help because your problems could be as a result of their changes.

Thank you.