T3 remote - multiple buttons mapped to the same actions

I have a T3 remote (2.4 GHz + IR) connected with a USB dongle.
some of the buttons in 2.4 GHz mode are mapped to the same actions, and so I lose a few button options (using kodi’s keymap editor addon, I get the same “key id” for multiple buttons)
how can I change the action of some of the buttons?
again, they are the regular buttons, not the IR buttons.
is the remote.conf even related to non IR configuration?

this is the remote:

p.s. couldn’t find showkey, xev, or any other unix programs to show my keypresses.


updating for anyone who might be interested.
in order to change the mapping of real RF keys, I followed these two excellent posts:
which includes:

  1. installing the system tools from coreelec’s repo
  2. running “systemctl stop kodi”
  3. running “evtest” and selecting the proper device to monitor key presses from.
  4. clicking the desired buttons and getting the codes.
  5. creating .config/hwdb.d/60-keyboard.hwdb, filling the wanted keys and running the udev refresh commands according to the post above.
  6. mapping the selected keys in keyboard.xml.
  7. starting kodi again.
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Ooo T3, I love this remote. I carry it over from setup to setup. I had one smashed by mistake and ordered two new ones just incase.
And yes, it has some useless marked keys I could never re-program, but as it has so many I just programmed others. This can be useful though so thanks for that! I will bookmark it.

Is there an easy way to add an Turn On option on the remote?
Thing is CEC works for me only 1/2 the time, and lately almost never. Vim3 goes into sleep (or whatever) fine when I turn off the rest of the chain, but it doesn’t always start when I start them.
It’s not a big deal to go over and click the power button, but I’d rather be able to do it from the remote.

I’m not sure your solution should come from programming the remote.
for sleeping/wakeup issues, please search for bl301 inject in the forums.
maybe this can help:

Sadly, that only works for me some of the time. However when I start the streamer first, the AVR and TV start as well. But to do that I need to physically press the power button on the streamer. Not hard, but I’d rather do that with the remote.

but if IR power on, or CEC wake up do not work through the remote, what else can be done?
what changes in the remote do you have in mind?

on a side note (because it seems irrelevant for this discussion), I would just disable the sleep mode if no other solution is working for you. the power usage of these boxes is pretty low.

Maybe I went by this the wrong way. Before having the Vim3, I just had Kodi on a Win PC with this remote. The red power button would shut down the PC if I pressed it accidentally. I then disabled the shutdown on the PC using such devices.
When I moved to a streamer, I adjusted the Power button to bring up the Kodi power options when pressed (reboot, shutdown, etc). I can’t even remember how I did that tweak. Now all it does is just that.

As you seem to have a lot more experience than me tweaking this remote, can it be set for dual use: Power On/Wake Up + Shut down menu? It might be something real simple and I just don’t have the knowledge how to do that.

I could just leave it on, sure, but I prefer to be able to wake it up using this (or another button).
Currently CEC works great if I manually wake up the streamer. It turns on my TV and AVR. I just rather be able to do that through the remote and not by clicking the power button on the streamer itself.

I understand the issue, that you have to physically go and press a button on the streamer itself.

this remote has both IR and 2.4GHz modes.
not sure how this is in the vim3, but my streamer came with a IR remote, and I taught the T3 remote IR power button to do the same action as my streamer remote’s power button.
so if I want, I can use IR to turn on/off the streamer.

now this must be working for you (given you properly taught your T3 remote power button to do what the streamer’s remote power button does).
if not - you need to look at the bl301 thing, or seek help for your device.

regarding the power menu - when you’re on the 2.4GHz mode of the remote, you can configure any button to do anything you want, through the usual key mapping.
there are several threads describing how to change it, but as far as I know, when the streamer is in sleep mode, any button should wake it.
again if not - there’s an issue beyond the scope of the T3 remote, and you should start a new thread, or search your issue to solve it.

hope it helps you.

Thank you.
I’m using pretty much just the 2.4GHz mode I think (green light when keys are pressed).
It seems what I did is add this to keymaps.xml:


The Vim3 (not Vim3L), doesn’t come with a remote, but you can buy one separately, but as I like remotes with a lot more keys and have the T3, I didn’t bother getting it.
I’m pretty sure I did search for such a solution and didn’t quite find one. Every now and then I revisit this issue. I guess I could start a thread for it and seek more help. I was hoping you may know it offhand given you have the same remote.

Latest Keymap editor has CEC functions added.
Maybe that’s what I need but I haven’t been able to find it so far. It’s a very complex addon with a ton of sub menus.