T95 Max plus

Hi my new T95 Max plus arrived today. I downloaded the correct .img file wrote it to an SD card but the box doesn’t boot from it. Am I doing something wrong



Not enough information.
Doesn’t boot?
Go and read the thread below and trace your steps.
You haven’t mentioned anything about which Device tree you have used
You haven’t disclosed your hardware specs either

The T95 max plus is a S905x3 4Gb/32Gb. I downloaded CoreELEC stable image (sm1_s905x3_4g) for the T95 max plus from the download page on the CoreELEC website. I then used the Rufus image making tool and copied the image to a Scan disk 32gb SD card. Then I powered on the tv box with the SD card inserted and the tv box goes to the T95 max plus logo screen and then to the original android software and won’t boot to CoreELEC.
The tv box can read the SD card as I can browse to it in the android software

Hope this helps


Did you use the Toothpick method?

Disconnect the power supply, insert the CoreELEC prepared SD / USB, push and hold the reset button and reconnect the power, wait until CoreELEC logo appears and release the button.

You can also install this which will then boot the box to utilise a CE installation on SD card/USB etc

Also don’t forget the DTB step in the initial installation.

So what happened with this step

i have now got coreelec working thanks just the remote doesnt work but thats not a problem as cec is working fine.

now i need to work out how to install to the internal memory

thanks again


I’m happy to use the CEC for the remote as I used that before.

Could you point me in the right direction to install to internal.

Many thanks


Thanks for this

ive managed to connect to coreelec via putty and log in ok. however when i run ceemmc tool im getting a message that says

system is not supported: sm1_s905x3_4g!

Any ideas what im doing wrong?


It means that your box is not officially supported by the team, so if things go wrong then you get no official support as you would for devices that the team has fully tested the feature on.

It does not mean that you won’t get general community support but it is essentially a do at your own risk procedure.

If I wanted to go ahead and install to internal how would I proceed?

Follow the post above linked by @relkai and also refer to the post from @kostaman regarding another thread using the ceemmc tool with the T95 Max plus.

Ok cool I’ve managed to work out that you run ceemmc tool by adding a -x

If I want to install Just CoreElec to the internal memory nothing else what option do I use. Just want to make sure before I go ahead!

Many thanks


You choose options 3 or 4 from the available options.

Install in single boot mode, only CoreELEC on eMMC

 Use CoreELEC data from
   [3] current used SD or USB device
       Install CoreELEC on eMMC and remove Android from the device.
       Only boot of CoreELEC is possible.
       The maximum of memory of the eMMC is used.

   [4] existing backup on current used SD or USB device
       Install CoreELEC on eMMC and remove Android from the device.
       Only boot of CoreELEC is possible.
       The maximum of memory of the eMMC is used.
       An existing backup of the CoreELEC data on on current
       used SD or USB device will be used for installation.

Flashed the box this morning and it works perfectly.

Thanks for everyones help

loving coreelec


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