T95 S1 (Tanix TX3 Mini) Any Luck Installing to internal?

I should have a T95 S1 arriving any minute and will set up CE on SD first but for future reference has anybody installed to internal on this box? Yes I know the rule that if everything runs fine from SD it generally should be fine to move CE to internal but just double checking. Yes cheap crap box but if it work… could be a bargain as I only want 1080p playback!?

FYI: I manged to bring my NEXBOX A95X back from the dead and now it works perfect. Think it originally had the wrong, or older, firmware.
My Beelink Mini MX is dead and I suspect it’s got a hardware problem i.e. failing disk controller or similar. This might explain the judder problems I was having! Anyway onward with my new box hopefully! :upside_down_face:

There seems little information about whether this specific model would work with installtointernal, so it may well be a case of try and see.

Just make sure that you have the right Android firmware at hand for the purposes of recovery.

There are also a few models of this box from different no name manufacturers, which can indicate different components inside the same cases and so results may vary.

Good luck.

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