Tanix TX-3 Mini-A NAND device tree


Just got a presumably newer model of the Tanix TX-3 Mini, with a revision code ‘A’.

Got CoreELEC working on there like a dream, just trying to get internal eMMC/NAND recognised by CoreELEC for future installation to the internal memory/buying more of these boards for other embedded projects.

The recommended dtb file works perfectly, however, the internal storage does not show up at all.

Just looking for some pointers as to how I might proceed.

The information I have gathered:

Update mentions a potential revision where the eMMC module has been changed for a NAND chip

Decompiled dts from the /dev/dtb file on the running Android system.

Update: Realised the dtb I extracted contained multiple dtbs, here is the second (hopefully more relevant) dts I have extracted.
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gist: 809425a223fa72bc551e784281d25ef0

Diffing the decompiled dts from the Android system and recommended dtb (gxl_p281_2g) has revealed some differences, but I am not sure what is relevant to my cause, having no previous experience with device trees.

I have tried making small modifications to the recovered dts, compiling them back to dtb and attempting to boot, but it has only lead to being stuck on the bootloader.

Appreciate any hints and tips.