Tanix Tx3 MAX device tree

I’ve successfully installed CE using TX3 MINI device tree. Everything is working fine except BT.
I assume I’ll have to replace Mini dtb with Max dtb.
Is it available somewhere?

There is not a specific DTB for Tanix devices, it depends on the wifi chipset you have in the device as to whether or not your bluetooth/wifi will work, if it is the xs9028 then you have no chance as there is no driver source available.

Is there a way to check what chipset is installed without opening the device?

OK, it seems its Realtek RTL87238S
Is bluetooth driver available?

I think it’s already included in our builds, does your Wi-Fi work okay?

Yes, wifi works

Any solution yet to have bluetooth working on Tanix TX3 Max?

Everything else is working great.

Hi. I have the same problem, i would like to connect PS3 controller using bluetooth but i couldnt get it. In fact the box doesnt detect any bluetooth device.
Thank you for your help

i have a tanix tx3 max (s905w, 2gb/16gb) that i am trying to boot from CE on sd card.
I am downloading CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2.1-Generic, write to sd
move gxl_p281_2g.dtb to root, rename dtb.img but its not booting, just the tanix logo is showing

Did you hold the reset button when trying to boot?

It was my understanding that this device has a S905x3 and that the TX3 Mini had the S905W.
Is the S905W being sold with the ‘Max’ name?

I think the Tanix T3 comes in 3 versions, mini, 2gb ram 16gb storage, 2.4ghz wifi, & the other 2 non mini, 4gb ram & 32gb/64gb storage, with dual wifi.

But I think the newest all come with S905X3

I ordered a 4gb/32gb from gearbest, then decided to cancel, & have now ordered a X96 Max plus 4gb/32gb.

The naming of these devices is very confusing.

Tanix TX3 Max is s905w 2gb like TX3 mini, but with bluetooth. Even they share some official ROMs (a dualboot ROM with LibreELEC (kszaq) + Android for example).

With 9.2.3, bluetooth works in Tanix TX3 Max. Thank you very much to the CoreELEC developers!!

With gxl_p281_2g my Tanix TX3 MAX S905W, 2 GB RAM, 100 Mb lan, 2.4 ghz wifi and Bluetooth works fine.
Yesterday try the ng build CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2.5-Generic.img.gz and looks like everything works, wifi works (didn’t test the speed, but conect well to 2.4 ghz network) lan work, bluetooth work, stock remote work.
Only one thing, it might be CEC related, when I shutdown my tv, the tv is switch on again in 5 seconds (or so, almost immediately). The TV is Sony W807C with androidtv 7.
Thanks to devs for the hardwork.