Tanix TX5 plus S905x3 4/64GB 1000Mbps lan

Hi thanks for your message.

Tanix doesn’t plan to commercialize the box preloaded with CoreELEC or emuELEC, just want to help users by releasing a firmware that can be downloaded and flashed. Maybe a dual boot (or even triple boot).

Around 2-3 years ago we shared the source of the LCD display (TX3 mini) to the openElec community, so, I think we can share things if we do some modifications.

Let’s try to make it work at first.

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Sure but modifications apply to GPL license. We are happy to receive the changes cause it will be long term.

TaNiX did a good job with the TX3 Max firmware Dual boot between AliceUX and LibreELEC. I especially liked the way the dual boot routine was implemented, remembering the last boot choice and allowing to boot into either OS from either OS via the power menu.

CE already can use the reboot to eMMC option to reboot to Android, but lacks a companion app to reboot from Android into CE, nor does CE store the last boot option and therefore defaults to boot into CE).

Maybe this is something Team TaNiX and Team CoreELEC could work together on?

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