Tanix TX5 Pro WiFi Connections problem updated 9.2.1

Hi, i’m a new user of this forum.
I have a Tanix Tx5 Pro box whit CoreELEC installed in internal nand and all was perfect until i updated from 9.2 to 9.2.1.
Immediately after the update, the wifi connections work perfectly but after some reboots it no longer connect and if i go in Settings - CoreELEC - Connections the tab is empty and there are no wifi connections anymore, as well if i reboot the box, unplug the AC, etc…

Can you help me? I tried to install back CoreElec 9.2 but i would like the last improvements of 9.2.1 as last version of Kodi.


Can you please do a fresh SD Card Install of 9.2.1 and try to reproduce the issue.

I tried it too, but the problem continue… as always,
for the first few times it seems to be all regular, but after some reboots it start to have this problem again.

Can i post some log or anything else to help you to diagnose the problem?

Hi! This is my first post on this forum.
I have the same box - Tanix TX5 Pro (S905X) and I did autoupdate to CE 9.2.1. Box works as before. No problems with Wi-Fi connection, etc. Please try installing an earlier version of CoreELEC 9.2.0, maybe it will help. Then try autoupdate again.
Maybe there is also a problem with the SD card. Try running CE with a different SD card.