Tanix tx6 box

I have a pile of crap tx6 box, that I have hated since the day I bought it!

I have tried all day today to load coreelec and libreelec it won’t allow it no matter what I try.
Toothpick, reboot update, recover menus etc!
Every forum especially libreelec is talking about tearing it apart reprogramming the chips resoldering this or that etc screw all that I’m not looking for a 500 step crap if I want that I will buy a mini pc.

I had a mxq pro years ago reboot update and done nothing else.

Please if possible is there a way to dual boot this thing or just smash it!

Tanix TX6 with Allwinner H6 SoC IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH COREELEC, try LibreELEC

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Lovely so it’s a pile of junk thanks for the response!

Time to go to odroid n2 my droidbox t8 dual boot is outdated junk too so tired of these worthless unupdateable boxes time for a mini pc board.

As @cubimol has pointed out Tanix TX6 is an Allwinner device, CE is for Amlogic devices only.