Tanix X4 TV S905X4 1Gbit Lan

Sorry for my bad English.

I bought the Tanix X4.

I get CoreElec booted with the sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit.dtb
But unfortunately the LanPort doesn’t work. But under Android it also shows me 1Gb, so I assume that the 1Gb is correct. With the sc2_s905x4_4g.dtb the Lanport also only works with 100mbit.

The problem is just a missing driver, right?
Unfortunately, sei-280.dtn doesn’t work at all.

No, you have only 100mbit than. Android don’t tell the truth every time. Test with iperf3 what speed you can get under Android.

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Tha linked page does sas -Unterstützung 10/100M Ethernet, 2.4 & 5G Dual Wifi, BT 4,1; and in another Ethernet 100 Mt

So the manufacturer also says 1gbit.

Open your box and check if the eth chip is assembled or not. Sometimes it is not to save money or time.

This is the only way to get sure if you got a fake/cheat device or not.

I hope the pictures bring clarity

No, it’s on bottom side.


You make pictures of chips what are assembled, we are searching the one what is not assembled…

Make a photo of whole PCB board, front and back.

Yes, 100MBit only. You got cheated.
There is a place empty for a chip, maybe this is for gigabit.

Tanix don’t like to have CE support and with such user fraud they aren’t accept by CE as well.


can you recommend me a box that definitely has Gbit lan? But it also has to have an SD slot

Not sure it is fraud, the vendor page correctly said 100Mb, the OEM page which is not for users says 1GB and it is possible they do have a wholesale 1Gb option.

They even show 1GBit in Android without a eth SoC at all. That says all, isn’t it?

Does Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work on the Tanix X4 now?

I sent the box back, so I can only tell you that WiFi works. I haven’t tested Bluetooth.

Thanks for the reply. I got my Tanix X4 last week and everything works except Bluetooth.

I have a few USB Bluetooth dongles that I requested assistance here to make them work but haven’t heard anything yet.

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