Tannix TX3 mini+ - compatibility and performance report

1ST UPDATE: adding processor info and correcting findings on audio
2ND UPDATE: adding notes about using USB Bluetooth dongle.

Hello all -

Posting this account of using CoreElec on the Tannix TX3 mini+ (“TV box”), for general information and whatever it’s worth to the community. Model tested is 2GB/16GB, S905W2 proc, dual WiFi and BT.

CoreElec dist used: CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-20.5-Nexus-Generic.img. dtb used: s4_s905w2_2g.dtb.

I wrote to an SD card with Rufus, Booted the TV box to manufacturer Android, installed Terminal Emulator, and used “reboot update” to boot from the SD successfully.

Mfr IR remote works from the get-go.

Built-in Wifi works. Interestingly, CoreElec settings report two Wifi Interfaces, “p2p0” and “wlan0.” Both work for WiFi connectivity, though p2p0 seems more stable.

Built-in Ethernet works, and Ethernet via USB dongle also works.

Built-in BT does NOT work. CoreElec settings report “no Bluetooth adapter found.”

BT USB dongle works, I’ve only tested two so far, but this one works: Amazon.com. I am unsure what chipset is inside; I have not been able to get a positive ID yet; hardware IDs pulled from the Windows device manager do not turn up anything definitive. Additional required steps were to first ensure bluetooth service is enabled (“systemctl enable bluetooth.service” on the command line), then create an autostart.sh file containing “rfkill unblock bluetooth” to prevent the system from blocking Bluetooth on each start/reboot. Thereafter it works reliably in either USB port on the TV box.

VFD works perfectly with the tanix-w2 vfd config file.

Audio out via HDMI works.

Audio out via S/PDIF works.

Audio out via mini A/V jack does NOT work There is an ‘analog’ selection for sound output, but it has no effect.

eMMC migration works with “ceemmc -x.” The tool reports dual boot is not possible, so only single-boot migration has been tested.

Overall performance: The unit boots fairly quickly (10 seconds or so), performs responsively, streams up to 4k smoothly. One oddness: video calibration in Kodi does not work. Zoom does, but the shift and aspect function displays the K box and border lines, but does not respond to the navigation arrows on the remote or on the Kore remote app via smartphone.

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post. I’d love to mini A/V sound output and BT working.

You will need to dump Android DTB and check the SPDIF gpio.


Alas, Android is gone since I did a single-boot migrate of CoreElec. However, the SPDIF finding was due to a stupid error in my amplifier setup, not an issue with the port. It works fine; I’ve updated my initial post to reflect that.

Still no sound from the analog mini A/V jack.