Am just getting started with CE. Is it possible to use teamviewer in coreleelec? Will be setting up a box to someone that doesn’t know anything about computers so I will be the admin…I know a little about ssh-ing on my home setup but nothing about connecting to a remote computer. Thanks

I don’t think this will be possible. CE is a highly stripped back version of Linux with all unnecessary packages removed and no way to easily add them back in.
There maybe other remote administration options but I have my doubts. Even SSH remotely can be highly problematic because you need a fixed public IP which most ISP’s do not supply unless you pay extra.


Thanks …Will keep looking. Looks like future house calls…

I look after a friends CE remotely and have setup SSH and a VNC tunnel to look after it for them. Works a treat.

Haven’t received the N2 yet. Will start looking into this…Hope you guys are still around in a few days

In order to establish if its possible you need to check if you have carrier grade DNS on your internet.
Use an IP tracker to find your IP and check if it matches the IP of your ISP allocated address on your router.If they are different then inward traffic will get lost in the ISP NAT.


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