Testing need for: Updated driver for rtl8812au/rtl8821au based USB WiFi adapters

I have had a few user ask about updating the rtl8812au WiFi drivers.

If you have a WiFi adapter based on a chipset that uses the rtl8812au drivers, and wish to help test, you can find test builds below. (These builds are based on what will be the Feb 01 nightly builds plus the updated driver, So It’s recommended that you test these build a separate install on a sd card / usb drive, instead of updating over your existing stable install with the test build.)


Note: This thread is for reporting test results related to devices that use the rtl8812au driver, and not for requests for support or updates for other WiFi adapters.


Is that the one found in my 2/16 x96air
If it is I am away at the moment but can test on wed.


I switched from 9.22 to your CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2-devel-1580578577.tar) build on a S905X box… So far it’s night and day difference, 9.22 I could barely play any media and just constant disconnects.

Haven’t used it enough to say for sure, but if there are any logs you’d like pulled let me know.