The number key of sony TV remote control does not work in coreelec

HK1(coreelec)->Q900t(soundbar)->sony TV
I usually use TV remote control to control coreelec,everything is OK,but there is one problem
when i use PVR iptv simple client,the number keys do not work,i can’t change channel,it‘s like this

I tried to use the keymap editor, but the number keys cannot be mapped, other keys can be,what should I do?

The HK1 romote control works well ,it’s like this

Probably nothing you can do, some keys are protected from CEC as they are needed for the TV, such as Settings to adjust TV Brightness etc.

That’s really bad news,but thank you very much.

Usually it is possible to change the CEC settings with a Sony TV to also support the number keys (by default these are disabled I think). So first make sure to check the CEC settings of your Sony TV.

I almost gave up. Fortunately, I saw your reply. According to your method, I tried to adjust some Settings, and finally found a solution,thanks.
settings–>watching TV–>external inputs–>BRAVIA Sync settings–>device control keys–>tuning keys

A better solution is to completely disable CEC (its generally very limited and flakey in what keys it supports anyway), then to identify what IR standard your TV remote supports and program your CoreElec box to use it directly. The process of using IR-keytables is well documented on this forum. The advantage is that all keys can be programmed and you can assign whatever Kodi functions suit you to any of the keys. Once done you can transfer this setup to any CE box and so it allows you to use your Sony remote on any Coreelec box in the house. You can also use multiple different Remote configurations to recycle redundant remote controls. This is a do it once process which you can backup and transfer to any future CE box you setup.


I’m not overly familiar with this method, I’ve had a read about it but are you saying he could use the TV Remote via rc_maps.cfg etc instead of using CEC? If so wouldn’t the protected keys still switch to whatever the TV wants to do with them, or am I completely wide of the mark?

The guide is here

This completely replaces the CEC method. However you are left with key functions associated with TV control still controlling the TV - which can cause problems as the TV may switch function when certain keys are pressed. How you overcome this is by one of two methods:

  • cover up the IR reciever on the TV , I hid it behind the edge of my speaker which allows me to use it to switch the TV off at the end of viewing
  • use another redundant TV remote which is not connected to the TV, this means that no key press will trigger any spurious actions on the TV.


“use another redundant TV remote which is not connected to the TV” Yes that was the part I didn’t think about, thanks I’ll give it a go!

You are right. Although I can use it most of the time after changing the settings, it still doesn’t work occasionally. Fortunately, I still have an extra remote control.

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