Think i blew a HDMI Port


Hi all, long story but was setting up an H96 Max in another room, was booting and i could see the coreelec title being shown but no display.

So i brought the box downstairs and tried it on my main tv.

Like an idiot i used the 12V N2 supply to power, not realising the H96 Is 5V
Now i have a dead H96.

Not only that my HDMI Port 1 on my Tv will now show nothing, it detects a signal and displays the name of the connected device, but no picture.

Have i blown my port to?

There is also 5V on HDMI. Since your box is supposed to use only 5V and you used 12V you can imagine that until it burned it sent 12V where normally 5V goes.

So it’s likely you killed the TV Port. You would have to open up the TV get the schematics and try to measure and see if something can be repaired.

BTW. The name is coming from CEC which uses a different pin.

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FECK!, Β£1000 tv to, only had it a year, suppose i could just say it happened and see what they say.

Just swapped to port 4 for now.

Perhaps your TV has some other video inputs. There are cables which have hdmi at one end and DisplayPort at the other, for example. You might be able to send your signal into a DP on your TV?

It only has 4 HDMI and other various old stuff, luckily im not really using port 4 so just swapped to that, just a shame ive lost one.

Port 2 has a 12 way hdmi splitter in anyway, but i like to have certain things in certain ports and set the picture up to it.

Never mind.

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