Thoradia repository compatability

I use Thoradia repo to install torrent client, but it seems it’s hardcoded (line 29) to look for LibreELEC. Any idea if it can be easily requested for an update to check for CoreElec too?

I was able to download the needed zip directly and it installed just fine.

I noticed this too.
I don’t know if it’s a CoreELEC issue.

I’m sure it’s not, but I guess someone from the team can add the required line to check for CoreELEC and do a pull request…

I want to migrate to coreelec, but only if the Thoradia’s repository works.

I’m sorry but no… you would not expect Apple or Google to maintain or fix an application on their app store from one of the many developers that upload apps, firstly we do not and will not support any apps or conversations relating to piracy addons and secondly if the developer want’s to limit their repository or application to LE then that is their prerogative, you will have to contact them regarding this.