Time and date setting utility?

Would it be possible to add a time and date utility to Coreelec so setting those factors manually isn’t such a pita like doing it with ssh is? Other linux distros have it-even android does. My N2+ is never connected to the internet-it just plays files off a portable hdd. It’d really be nice to have the rtc set correctly. Thanks

You have date command line utility:

date "+%d-%m-%C%y %H:%M:%S" -s "2021-06-03 04:38:01"

Your N2+ has a slot for a battery which will keep the RTC powered.


I’m well aware of the rtc battery-I have one installed. What I’m asking is if it’s possible to put a time/date setting in like android has to set it directly.

No, there is no such utility. You could write some python addon if you really need that. Which rise the question: Why do you need to change date and time? Doesn’t RTC keep it correct? In this case this is some other problem.

As @vpeter says, the date command will set the clock for you. If you have a battery installed the RTC should keep reasonable time without needing a connection to a time server, if you are only using the N2+ to play local files off an attached HDD.

He don´t want to use command line.
He wants an utility, I don´t know why, but he want it.
I do not have to understand everything :thinking:

I don’t understand what this user wants.
You can manually set time in Kodi. And if you want the set time to work after reboot, you need to install a battery for the RTC.

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