Time Zone change in the files

I have CoreELEC 9.2.8 on Amlogic S912 so I can not upgrade.

The problem is that the clock is wrong, one hour later. It is a country that does not change its time anymore and that causes the clock to be wrong. Newer versions of CoreELEC show the time correctly.

There is no solution for me to choose a time zone that matches what I want, there is none! My only solution is to somehow advance the timezone in the files. Don’t know if in Kodi or Linux.

What can I do? I want to advance the clock by 1 hour. There is no timezone in the list that I can select and get the correct time.

When GMT is 12 PM, I want it to show 3:30 PM in CoreELEC 9.2.8.

Would you be able to use SSH console? I assume using folder /usr/share/zoneinfo from never version of CE should work.

Yes of course I can use ssh. Oh, ok, I will try that.

zoneinfo-ce21.tgz (128.2 KB)

Save this file to Downloads folder nad then run this commands

mount -o bind /storage/downloads/zoneinfo /usr/share/zoneinfo
systemctl restart kodi

and check if you can select correct timezone.

Do you know what should be written in file /etc/localtime on system supporting this new timezone?

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Wow, thank you very much. You are a magician! It worked. But when I reboot it goes back, so the mount is not permanent.

How can I replace the /usr/share/zoneinfo ? Because when I do, it says readonly system files. I cannot rm (delete) them.

Yes, to get it working after reboot run this command which mounts this new zoneinfo folder from autostart.sh. If this place is too late we will have to find different solution. But at least we know it is easy doable.

echo "mount | grep /usr/share/zoneinfo || mount -o bind /storage/downloads/zoneinfo /usr/share/zoneinfo" >>/storage/.config/autostart.sh
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Thank you so much. It works. It was driving me crazy. Now I can use my S912 device as expected.

Just out of curiosity, we can’t delete and replace directly /usr/share/zoneinfo?

By the way, the zoneinfo I used was from Kodi 19 Matrix. I copied it myself. Didn’t use the 21 version.

No, you can’t delete or replace files under /usr and other folders because this is read only squash filesystem.

I took latest zoneinfo just in case. Use whatever works for you.

I mean it’s a computer, you should be able to delete stuff! I’m a windows guy, don’t know Linux. We can do that under windows! You mean Linux is so secure that you can’t delete those from within OS? That is nice! :grinning:

No, this readonly system is just CoreELEC feature.

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