To CoreELEC Team - Donations?

I have asked you at the beginning of you project to find some way of enabling donations, and you declined.

In view of recent events I am sure that they brought on you additional expenses that were not planed in the beginning. So I am asking again, since I (and probably many others) would like to help you on your path full of obstacles, will you open a way for user contribution through donations?

This is something we need to discuss internally. There is some issue with taking donations. First we are not a foundation so if we start taking money we would have to think about taxes etc. Second, we always think about this project to be fun and not monetarily motivated like other projects. How do we spend the money?
However as you are saying we have expanses and currently those are paid/donated by developers. We try to keep those expanses to a minimum but we could set goals for financing like Wikipedia does it and cut it once the goal is reached. Just FYI currently we are talking about 60-80€ a year.

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Is that inclusive the electrical bill :grimacing:

(I would donate a :beer: for you and other developers :+1:t3: :beers:)

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There is something very wonderful about projects like this where skilled people use their enthusiasm in such a constructive way. The world can be a depressing place but projects like this restore my faith in humanity. Thank you.

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Cmon guys, i’ve never before had a product that adds so much value to my life thats for free, and doesnt even take donations.

At least post a paypal email. And we wont tell the taxes if you don’t :grin:

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Maybe it is time to reconsider the position and accept donations to cover legitimate expenses, and maybe even acquire some hardware required for development?
The figures can be openly declared regarding what they will be spent on, and then used for that purpose only.

I understand the position taken so far, but I dislike that any developer is ‘out of pocket’ while we all benefit greatly and are willing to contribute to the basic costs.

Please reconsider. Thank you.

Your (all contributors) work is much appreciated.

The adverts we have on the forum currently cover operating costs so nobody is out of pocket, we currently have excess funds to pay for hosting for at least another year.

Some nice hardware vendors have also supplied members of the team with hardware.

We always started CoreELEC for fun and want to keep it that way, we also don’t want to be associated with the same bureaucracy that similar projects have by accepting donations.

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Thank you for the response.
I am happy to know none of you are out of pocket, and fully understand the reasons for not going the ‘donate’ route.
A lot of users block ads so I expect your revenue from that source is not what it might be.
It is good to know that some companies are willing to donate hardware.
I would certainly like to know who those companies are so that when buying a device I could, where possible, give preference to a CE supporting company.
Is the list posted anywhere?

Thanks again for your response, and most of all for the great work ye do to produce CE.

LibreComputer and their LePotato comes to mind all thanks to @daxue.

We don’t mind about AdBlock. In the end this should be a users choice, we all know how companies like google track and profile with ads so I don’t blame anyone.
But did you know that ads are disabled by Levels in Discourse forum? For instance only guests see ads in our Forum. Members that are active in the community have Ads disabled here so you don’t even need AdBlock if you are registered and logged in.

I see ads right now…
(Be a Hero. Become a Donor

Just being registered doesn’t remove the ads and as Ray already said “members that are active” don’t see these ads.
You need to be “trust level 3”, which you are getting automatically by reading, posting, replying, …
These are the most important factors:

  • being registered for at least 180 days
  • visited our forums at least on 30 different days within the last 180 days
  • replied to at least 20 topics
  • viewed 20 topics within the last 180 days
  • read 50 posts within the last 180 days

So I assume you are not falling into one or more of the above categories.

But most importantly:
Did you already donored some sperm to them and how much litres? :wink:

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lmao @relkai

@Pelican you have hit all except one of the requirements for Level 3, you just haven’t replied to enough topics, 10/20.

@Ray you have forgot the devices from Minix and HardKernel. LibreComputer has indeed been the biggest contributor with 4 LePotato boards supplied, hence it receives the most love I guess :slight_smile:.

To mention these were all individual donations for certain developers not a hw donation for the project.