To people using HDMI-to-I2S extractor + CamillaDSP, I have some idea

This thread kind of belongs both in Coreelec forum and audioscience forum :laughing:

Few years ago I did some twinkering with my coreelec box and my raspberry+DAC streamer. I eventually found out that we can use coreelec Pulseaudio out to redirect all audio stream (decoded to PCM beforehand) to a raspberry with pulseaudio server, through local network …thus avoiding an hdmi to i2s extractor !

I tested this with success with stereo audio. This way I was able to harness my high quality DAC instead of [TV/box optical output + my not so good amplifier integrated DAC]

Now that coreelec basically becomes the best player out there, no need for any other player device and thus HDMI to i2s extractor becomes overkill hardware.

What do you think, is there any caveat with this approach ?

Why not just configure the RPi as a USB Gadget and plug it into the CoreELEC? I experimented with that a bit last night, seems to be working fine.

Yeap that’s also a good idea and you can even imagine a USB switcher in case you have multiple input devices (for instance another rasp or an android box with usb dac support (such as nvidia shield))

There is also the TOSLINK option via cheap TOSLINK usb interface which I currently use, works fine as well. HDMI extractor indeed seems like an overkill.

Yeap but TOSLINK is lossless stereo only (or lossy ac3 dts)

It seems that the network approach will induce syncing issues anyway…