Today's test, playing Blu-ray original disk loading slow and stoney phenomenon

Using CoreELEC version 20 ne Nightly Edition 20231004
Play bdmv format and isi format Blu-ray original disk, loading slow, normal?

dmesg | paste

Just few days back I tested my 4 ISO files with BR menu and they were working same as always. But can’t judge if loading was slow.

No idea what you meant by “stoney phenomenon”.

Maybe your expectations are just to high and you need proper BR player.

By the way, I watched it online by mounting a web disk on the webdav method of alist, and I watched it with a capacity of 70-100g.

These two days of testing, found that part of the uso or bdmv format is normal, I do not know what the specific situation, is there any way to detect.


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