ToggleDPMS command crashes Kodi on Odroid-N2 with CE 9.2 stable (turn monitor on/off command)


I recently bought a Odroid-N2 (4GB) as an efficient replacement for my old Windows based multimedia PC, so this is my first time using CoreELEC. And I am impressed what this small device can do with CoreELEC. Smooth framerates at all time. Docker also works great. I think I will have a lot of fun with this device.

But there is one thing I miss a lot and that is the possibility to switch my monitor on and off over local network.
So far I have done this with the Android app called “Yatse”, which can send custom commands to the Kodi Event Server (and also many other things).
I’ve used the ToggleDPMS command under Windows so far and never had any problems with it.
On the N2 with CoreELEC, it seems not work. It only crashes Kodi every single time.
CECToggleState command doesn’t even cause a crash, because nothing happens.
I guess my monitor doesn’t support this standard.

I want to be able to turn my monitor on and off over the network via command.
I have been able to do this on my Windows PC with the Kodi built-in command “ToggleDPMS”.
On the Odroid N2 with CoreELEC 9.2 stable this command causes only a crash of Kodi.
“hdmi_cec” is set to “1” in config.ini.
The “CECToggleState” command does nothing on my monitor - like under Windows. CEC seems not supported by my monitor.

Can this function be added/fixed (add-on, script, CE update) or is it a hardware issue?
I saw something about DPMS via xset, vbetool and xrandr in a Kodi screensaver addon called “Turn Off”. CoreELEC seems not to support that methods directly.
Installing or copying the librarys seems not to work because of the read-only file system and I couldn’t find a add-on providing this function.