ToneMapping is Greatly Needed,pls ADD this to 20.0!

PLS enable ToneMapping when hardware accleration is enabled. and now ,this is only optional when hard accelartion disabled :frowning: , poor 。。。
Cause this fuction can extremly enhance HDR-》SDR video quality,like(hable,ACES,etc)
Thanks , Thanks ,Thanks

Sorry to disappoint you… It will most likely not happen. But thanks for the suggestion.

Actually,I think the tonemapping fuction has already built in coreelec,and it’s only just unable to activate . When I disable hardware decode,the menu appears in video setting,but nothing can be played without hard accelerating…
I am wondering why it‘s so difficult to realize …

I’m actually very impressed with CE Tonemapping as it is currently implemented with hardware decoding. On older S905X era devices you need to enable the HDR to SDR function in the System/Coreelec settings, followed by a reboot. On later SM1 devices it seems to work whether this is enabled or not. There have been previous comments that it does not work so well with N2 family devices but since I do not have one I can’t comment.

Is this only available in new hardware, or would older hardware also benefit from it with new software, say with the newer -ne kernel?

I mean it’s nearly 2023,who still hasn’t got a hdr tv

I’m not sure what you mean by “new hardware”. I’m using CE 20.0 with one S905X3 (sm1) and 2 S905X boxes, all of which produce excellent results on an SDR display with the settings I described in the previous email and when playing HDR content. As far as I can recall HDR to SDR was also working with CE 19.5 before I upgraded to 20.0 although I did not use it extensively then.

Thanks, I meant with S905X. Tone mapping was abysmal in the past so I haven’t even tried it with amlogic-ng. I’ll try it again.

A lot of people have a main TV that’s HDR in their living room, but kitchen, office, bedroom or second living room TVs are often smaller/older SDR models. If you want to have a single copy of media stored on your server you need HDR->SDR tone mapping to let you watch UHD HDR media on an HD SDR display.

Personally I’ve never really seen tone mapping that matches a decent separate SDR grade or optimised NLE SDR export, so I usually rip both UHD HDR and HD SDR copies of movies (a lot of UHD HDR BDs come bundled with HD SDR BDs) and avoid tonemapping.

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Replying to myself, I’ve tried HDR again in S905X/CE 19.5, and tone mapping doesn’t work. “Tone map HDR to SDR” option is enabled but it is uneffective as it’s always been. I assume intelmorino’s experience above is only applicable to newer hardware.

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