"Tools Mono" frozen installation

In Odroid C2, the installation of “tools mono” direct from the official repository, freezes at 0%
manual installation not work.

and sorry for my poor english

You can download the Mono addon manually and simply place it in your addons folder. This is what got me past this error. Unfortunately I cannot now find the download link I was shown so can not offer more assistance
However there is a reference to the process in this thread:


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Only workaround is manually unzip tools.mono to Addons (SMB share for /storage/.kodi/addons).

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I did this…and …


I got bootlooping too
Anyone managed to get it to work?

I can’t offer any more help on this since what was suggested worked fine for me (on an earlier version of Coreelec), but an observation I would make is that this is unlikely to get resolved since the MONO addon is been dropped and replaced with NET. Core. The transition will likely break all our systems for a time until it matures.

However something to consider is to install Coreelec 8.90.1 or 8.90.2, install MONO and then allow an auto-upgrade to 8.90.3.MONO should carry over in the upgrade. Another observation is that 8.90.2 is more stable than 8.90.3 so if you can get 8.90.2 working it might be a good idea to stick with it until the next version.