Torrent client?[Solved]

I recently switched from a Raspberry PI 4, to a Odroid N2, and am trying to consolidate my SBCs. When I used a RPI, I would run everything on the one SBC, but I can not find any information on running a torrent client on CoreELEC. My torrent client of choice is rTorrent, with Flood as a web front end(not needed). Can someone point me in a direction for more information on the subject?

Click here for rTorrent support

The official Kodi Torrent Client Add On is uTorrent, supported by Team XBMC.

That rTorrent support link is for a rTorrent manager, like Flood, or ruTorrent sadly. It has been labeled like that for quite some time.

Also the uTorrent link you shared is also for a torrent manager, not the actual client.

Thoradia has rtorrent in their repo

Why not Aria2 ?
I’ve been using it for a long time. It has frontends for android and firefox(extension)

I have been using rTorrent for atleast 8 years, and never had any issues with it.

Thank for letting me know.

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