Total RAM and CPU speed issue KVIM3 and GT King

I have received one khadas vim3 and i have compared with GT King. (coreelec)

The total ram memory in khadas show 3370MB and GT king show 3754, why?

The cpu show 1800 Mhz, it is normal?

For other side, i have tested videos in khadas and it play correctly all resolution included 8k 30 fps, but when i play 4k and push the “ok” in remote control for show player controls, the video glitch.

Your using an old build and your bootloader needs updating.

I have update to last nightly and i get the same result in khadas vim 3

The glistch too

For other side, If i change resolution to 1920x1080i, kodi show the letters with lines and it blink. This problem occur in the gt king and the khadas.

With stable coreelec 9.0.3 in ki pro box, it work correctly.



How update the bootloader?

Hello, could anyone say me something about these problems? it is normal?

And how can i update the bootloader?

Why are you using 1080i? There’s no point, use 1080p instead.
I can’t help you with the uboot update, though.

I am testing all resolutions. If i use the box as sat client, if i use 1080p i get judder and with 1080i it work perfect.
And this resolution work well with s905 box.

Why? i do not understand, what i fix with uboot update?, could you explain it to me?