Touch screen

I have attempted to use the touch screen ts050 (sold by khadas) with coreelec without success; it works well with vim3+ktb and Android. Did I do something wrong or are there still no drivers? Thanks

You didn’t do anything wrong. The TS050 is not currently supported.

I think you might be the first person I’ve seen ask about this. I don’t think anybody thought that anybody would want to use the TS050, a 5 Inch screen, with CoreELEC. Is there a particular project you have in mind that uses this display with CoreELEC?

I’ve looked at the code and it seems like support should be possible, however none of the developers have a TS050 display, and there is no other supported device with a MIPI-DSI screen, so there may be some issues to work around to get this working besides just adding the drivers.

I have already brought this to the attention of the other CoreELEC developers and will ask Khadas about it when they are back from their holidays. Which I think may not be for another week or so.

Thank you for the exhaustive answer.
The aim is to use vim3 + khadas tone board as an external dac to listen to tidal. At the moment I have two alternatives: use the tidal app for android and in this case I need a monitor (the ts050 is perfect), or use the mconnect app by connecting to the dac via coreelec (this is also possible without a monitor). The latter alternative, in my opinion, is the best, as the sound quality is superior.
However the mconnect app does not work well every now and then and I would like to use the addon tidal so as not to use upnp software.
Finally, as I listen to music in a small homecinema room, I would like to build a case for the dac equipped with a small touch screen so that I don’t have to turn on the projector every time I want to listen to music.

last night I tried usb audio player pro app and it seems to me that it works well (I’m still testing it): if it were confirmed, I would no longer need coreelec for the dap to work