TP-LINK Archer T4U (RTL8812AU) disconnecting

Few weeks ago I starded using TP-LINK Archer T4U (RTL8812AU chipset) on the TX5 PRO box.
CoreELEC recognized it without problem. The range is fantastic. So the speeds.
Unfortunately it looses connection quite often in the middle of the playback and it reconects only by reseting the box.
It happens with DCHP settings and static IP on both USB ports.
Internal Wi-Fi works great but the range is to weak to play 4K.
Other WiFi adapter COMFAST CF-811AC works as weel but it’s a piece of sh**. Range is worse than build in Wi-Fi.
Can that be a driver problem or is it a hardware issue?


I can build an image with this driver, maybe it works better. Are you using 4.9 (ng) or 3.14 image?

I’m using the last final stable build (August 15th, 2020).
I would very appreciate your help :slight_smile:

That was fast! Thank you! I will test with couple of videos and let you know.

Nope… Unfortunately it lost connection after 2 hours :frowning:

It might not be WiFi adapter problem but overheating.
Chip temps jump up to 78C. This may cause freeze.
Need to check this.

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