TR99 Mini+ 2G+16G (S905x2)

I purchased this little box yesterday, unbranded on Amazon for $30, delivered same-day.
TR99 Mini+ 2G+16Gi
(Marked as TR99 X2 on backpanel)
Advertised as AmLogic s905x2 by vendor

Splash screen has a web address, but this leads nowhere.

This guy has already reverse-engineered some of this:

I don’t think there is a switch installed on mine (behind AV jack) – Toothpick does nothing
I can access recovery via ADB.
I can also initiate reboot update through ADB shell.

I am trying to install the latest nightly (20190720) to pick up 905x2 logic announced 17Jul.
My best guess for DTB is gxl_p212_2g, but I am way out of my league here.

Once I have initiated reboot update, the box will refuse to boot after that unless I pull the SD card.

I think I have a locked bootloader.
Is it time for me to boot Windows and play with AmLogic USB Burning Tool?
How do I do this without a reset/bootloader button?

I have extensive experience with LibreElec/Kodi and Linux. What is my next step?


Its reset button is inside the A / V connector.
Maybe you can boot with CoreELEC.

(behind the A/V jack there is a switch, use a toothpick to press it)
If it doesn’t work the best alternative will be
Alternative firmware using Amlogic’s USB recording tool for recording.
And the risk you must take if you want CoreELEC.

Try the latest image:
Make sure you use the -ng version and use an S905X2 dtb from device_trees folder.
Copy it to the root of the card/pendrive and rename it to dtb.img.
Visit this topic for further info: Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!

Pull out the under cover, and near the hdmi port you will see a little metalloc button, this is the reser button.

I have this same box running fine coreelec, except wifi that doesn’t work yet, even with the latest nightly.

And you need to install the coreelec -ng nightly, with the s905x2 dtb

hey Alestilohomer i have exactly the same box with 2g ram ( REAL DDR4 MEMORY ) and 16 GB
ROM memory ( QUALITY SAMSUNG emmc CHIP ) , however my remote doesn’t work . How did you menage that your remote control works with coreelec ??

You can map it with meson ir, or try this remote.confremote.conf (2.9 KB)