Transpeed Amlogic S905X4


I’m preparing an SD card to boot on CoreELEC on a TV box of type Transpeed Amlogic S905X4.
Transpeed – Boîtier Tv Amlogic S905x4, Android 11.0, 8k, 32 Go/64 Go, Wifi 2.4/5.8 Go Très Rapide, Assistant Vocal, Double Wifi, 4k - Décodeurs Tv - AliExpress

But I can’t find my remote control on this page.
remotes/AmRemote at main · CoreELEC/remotes · GitHub

I think my remote is a G10s
Can you help me to configure my remote control?

Thank you

This should work out of box without issues.
If by some chance you get Bluetooth remote you just need to pair it. For g10 hold ok and back button to enter pairing mode.

Super, I Will try that !
Thank you very much !

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