Tried to fit an EMMC card, shouldn’t be this hard

Fit a new EMMC card pre-installed with Android. Want to transfer SD card install to EMMC. Use “install to EMMC” and it can’t find EMMC because if I connect it prior to booting, it boots to Android. SPI switch to SPI, can’t pick boot sequence in Petitboot. SO I upgrade Petitboot to current version, now either switch position boots automatically to EMMC or if disconnected, SD card. FFS how is it this difficult. I know it’s hobby stuff, but it’s bloody frustrating. Maybe it’s because my background isn’t Linux stuff but Windows. How do I launch Petitboot if both switch positions just boots an OS?? Odroid N2

Why do you complicate things? Perform a full backup of the SD card CE settings (presume it is Kodi through CE), then install onto emmc the CE variant you have on the SD card. Finally, just do a restore of your settings from the CE tab.

Didn’t buy a emmc to usb writer. Figured the software had the capability to do it without resorting to that

Different Linux OS-s Android and JeOS like Coreelec. They are cheap those adapters. Don’t know if you can flash like an Android box.

Wait: Flash Odroid N2 see if this works for you

Bad fault save $5 for such handy equipment…

Please follow this guide:


Yeah I realise that now.

Even in SPI mode, the device just boots to Android. Not Petitboot select screen.


All good. Got it going. Sorry for the freak out. Recovered Petitboot and used installtoemmc.

Crisis averted :joy:


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