Trouble booting Nexus

I have flashed Nexus beta 1 to usb removed Matrix micro sd card and inserted usb into my Odoid N2.
Can’t get it to boot. Have I missed a step.
Removed usb and reinserted micro sd and happy days…back to Matrix.

I don’t know, did you? Maybe check here?

In which position do you keep the SPI switch when trying to boot from USB?

switch was was in mmc so I moved it to SP1. When re-powered " processing new USB device failed to launch petitboot, dropping to a shell
sh:can’t access tty: jobcontrol turned off"

I am thinking the easiest way forward for me is to purchase a new micro SD card and use it on mmc with Nexus.

Which version of Petitboot do you have. It should be updated to 20220317 version to eliminate the boot problem from USB devices.
Btw, I run my CE versions on N2 only from USB devices…

Please read this.

Thanks to all for the replies. It seems it was a petitboot issue but I was not able to resolve it even after running the recovery program and trying to install the correct version. I purchased a new micro sd card and installed Nexus and now up and running happily.
Don’t know if I’m having myself on but Coreelec seems to run faster and smoother and CEC is finally working as it should using Logitech remote.
Thanks to all the developers and helpers, you guys are legends

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