Trouble with installtoemmc

This has got me stumped, just got an n2 int the mail and have successfully installed ce to sd card and it boots and runs off the card fine. I am trying to installtoemmc but the step where you boot to coreelec from spi the petiboot menu is not working, there is no sign of coreelec in the menu at all. if i boot into coreelec normally i can ssh into it and run installtoemmc but it just tells me emmc not found. Hopefully I am just dumb and missing something, any help appreciated.

??? N2 uses a different method to install CE to eMMC, not the one you are trying to use.
Btw, which eMMC module did you buy with N2?

i bout the whole kit used… the emmc says hard kernel emmc v0.4, it is 16 gb. i thought the guides i saw said to use installtoemmc… can you point me at a proper guide? thanks.

i also tried method 1 here but petiboot dosent seem to recognize the ce sdcard.

you likely need to update petitboot.

But please not higher than 20200806/20200816! Newer versions do have a bug and maybe do not detect the medium to boot from.

ok i will look at updating to those versions, if you have a link to a guide that would be awesome otherwise i will google it later thanks.

NM i see the istructions right on the odroid web page, i will give it a go later today.

updated petitboot andfollowed the guide i linked to and everything went well. thanks for all the help.

edit: i updated to version 20200816 as recommended.

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