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Good morning to the whole Forum.
On the internet there is a lot of talk about CoreElec, so I wanted to try this specific distribution on an x96 mini 2 gb 16 gb Amlogic.
Since I saw this message on the LibreElec Forum:
"LibreELEC (and Armbian) use a different u-boot configuration from CE. If you want to switch between distros you will need to clear the stored u-boot configuration first. The mainline kernel does not allow access to the u-boot environment from userspace, so this is easiest done by restoring the original firmware of the device using Amlogic “USB Burn Tool” software. If using CE or other distros that still use the legacy (vendor) u-boot the u-boot environment can be cleared from within the OS before switching. "
I wanted to know if it really is.
Thank you
Good day

Since you have come across that piece of misinformaton, try reading this

OK, very kind.
So it’s just a feak …
I really want to try Coreelec as they talk about it very, very well.
Thanks for the information.

Its a cheap way of trying to dissuade Libreelec users from trying Coreelec. Libreelec has not been functional as a media center on AMLogic chips for over a year at this stage so its very poor form from the Libreelec team to put a roadblock in the way of people trying a fully functional OS.


Just do it :+1:

Excellent, tested on an OTT Mxq 1gb ram 8gb rom.
Unfortunately, the internal wifi (9082xs) does not work, while the LAN does.
It is working with a Chinese usb wifi with ralink MT7601U chip.
Everything works perfectly.
Thank you all

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