Trying to block a site in the hosts file does not work

Hello, I recently installed a PiHole on my network, and when I ran CoreELEC I saw a lot of blocked traffic on PiHole. so I wanted to minimize the network traffic by blocking it from exiting the device.

I sshed into the device and edited the hosts file with the line for the site and 127 redirect, rebooted and it still happens. is there another place I need to add this or am I missing something?


If all else fails; You could install pihole on your coreelec as well, through docker, and have that one as a secondary dns if you need to get hands on, on your other install.

Which file exactly? This one? It works here.


hm… i went to /etc/hosts like normal… will try that thanks!

CE uses SquashFS -> readonly

this worked. thanks!

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