Trying to execute mergerfs

Hello everyone.

I’ve recently manage to mount my nfs-drives to my Odroid N2 running CE but now I need to merge them together again before I can use them with the Plex Server addon.

The only way I know how to do that is with mergerfs. Since CE doesn’t allow apt installations I did some research and saw someone who have been able to copy the binary mergerfs file to “.kodi/addons/virtual.system-tools/bin” folder and run it.

I’ve managed to copy a debian arm64 mergerfs binary to that folder and made it executable but once I restart and try to run it tells me it’s “-sh: mergerfs: not found” even though I can type merg and then press tab and it autocompletes mergerfs as if it was installed.

Have I missed some PATH that needs to be exported as well?

Been trying to crack this nut for a couple of days now, no luck. If anyone has a clue on what I might have missed or if someone has an alternative solution to merge my folders in CoreELEC, that would be greatly appreciated.

Use arm 32 bit executable. Only kernel is 64 bit on CE, everything else is 32bit.

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My man. Worked perfectly, certainly living up to your title! Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:


Hi , I am not able to find that path "“.kodi/addons/virtual.system-tools/bin” , I already have mergerfs bin for arm32 prepared, can you help¿


Install System tools addon and you will see this folder /storage/.kodi/addons/virtual.system-tools/bin in ssh console.

Thanks, now I see the dir :smile: :smile: :smile:

How did you get working? I have some issues, this is my command:
/storage/.kodi/addons/virtual.system-tools/bin/mergerfs /storage/gdrivehdd:/storage/downloads/complete /storage/mergerfs

/storage/gdrivehdd->rclone mounted drive
/storage/downloads/complete->Local drive
This is the error I get: “/mergerfs: Transport endpoint is not connected”
Any clue?