Trying to Resurrect X96 Mini

I had CoreElec installed on an X96mini, although I can’t remember what version it was. The last time anyone logged into it was 2017 for context. I’m trying to do a fresh install of Omega but I’m not having any luck. I remember having to use the 1g image even though the box label said 2g of Ram. Now, no matter what version I do, I get a black screen, with the exception of the S905W2 2g which got stuck on the stock boot screen. Is my box too ancient, or does it need updated firmware or something? Feeling lost. Also is there a definitive way to figure out which specific model S905 box it actually is so I’m not having to try every single one?

X96 Mini is based on S905W, though like other boxes there are several “variants”, I had one with only 1.2G CPU… so should use S905W. Mine box is also 2G and I used p281-2g back in CE 19.5.

No boxes in 2017 have S905W2.

I don’t know what’s going on anymore. It’s running Android 9, but neither of the S905W images work. Just a black screen. Any suggestions?

Well that seems different, mine has only stock Android 7…maybe the bootloader version is different and CE cannot recognize it. If you can boot CE dated back in 2017 how about trying older CE version?

Use NG 20.5?