Turning off TV turns off N2

It doesn’t matter what settings I put in the Input Peripherals HDMI CEC section, my Coreelec box shuts down when the TV turns off and starts up when it turns on.

I want it to be on 24/7 regardless of whether or not my TV is on. On the assumption that this is a bug, here are my debug logs (I added libcec to the logging):


Did you try this?

Adding those lines did nothing. Setting in config.ini also did nothing.

HDMI CEC Control, 0=disable/1=enable


Setting in boot.ini also did nothing:
setenv hdmi_cec “0”

And combining all the settings did nothing. In fact, it made it worse because shutting off my TV also shut off the N2 but turning my TV back on didn’t turn the N2 back on, forcing me to go and physically unplug then replug it to get it to boot.

Anything else you think I should try?

Ignore action on TV for libCEC.
Also be sure that the IR remote does not port of the N2!

This for power down only.

For power up again you can disable the CEC wake up here:

But there is also this for wake up:

Disable both of them.

I set it to Ignore in the CEC setting and it still shut it down then turned it back on. It’s the shutdown I want to avoid because I want my N2 to run 24/7. I’m not sure what this means? “Also be sure that the IR remote does not port of the N2!”

The CEC behavior I want is the same as from the CEC screensaver which sends an “display off” signal via CEC, mutes audio, then turns display and audio back on when you hit the Home button on your remote but otherwise leaves the N2 running and accessible over my network. If there’s a way to implement what this person did into the Coreelec CEC settings, that would be great as it works perfectly on my LG: