TV-Box VONTAR X3 con 4GB de RAM, SoC S905X3

hi everyone

i have this tv-box with the coreelec installed version 18.9. In the last month, i have problems with any films record as bd-remux 4k. The image freezes and i wanna install the new version of coreelec 19 with the skin matrix

Firstly i wanna know about the steps for doing that.

Can i do this: To create a bootable Class 10 SD Card or a USB Flash Drive:

[Download] the latest CoreELEC .img.gz file
Use [Disk Image Writing Software]coreelec:rufus) to write the downloaded file to the SD card or USB flash drive
Browse to the [Device Trees folder]org/dtb/) on the SD card or USB flash drive, and:
[copy the correct .dtb image file]coreelec:dtb)** for the device to the root folder of the SD Card or USB Flash Drive, then:
rename it to dtb.img
Use a [Boot Method]coreelec:ceboot) to boot CoreELEC from SD Card or USB Flash Drive

or it is necessary to delete the previous coreelc ???

thank u

You can install CoreELEC to a USB Flash Drive or SD Card by the method mentioned, and boot from it to test if things work, without destroying the previous CoreELEC.

Detailed instructions are here.

hi Betatester

i did it with a pendrive following the steps: CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.5-Matrix_rc1-Generic.img and the correct device trees. When i am trying to power on the vontar through the pendrive, i have this error:

COULD NOT MOUNT label=storage *****

That indicates a corrupt or damaged pen drive.

Clean your pen drive or try a different one.

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